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Washing of Interior Windows

Imagine a home with a streak-free windows. It gives more access to natural light, and the house will look tidy, clean, and spotless. Have it added to your service, and you can have a crystal clear windows in no time.

Cleaning Inside Fridge + Freezer

Fridge and freezer needs regular cleaning to ensure that it will work on its best condition. A clean fridge would mean less electricity and power for its optimum working condition. Regular cleaning of the fridge is also a good maintenance to make sure that it will last long, and to prevent unnecessary repairs and replacement

Cleaning Inside Oven

Food crumbs and spilled food left on the oven would do no good on your food. And cleaning it is a challenge as well if you do not have the correct knowledge and tools for it. Good thing is you can simply have it added to the cleaning service order, and let the experts do the cleaning for you.

Cleaning of Cabinets + Drawers

This is another extra service that is being ordered by many, especially those that prefer deep cleaning. Cabinets and drawers is where we store our things, and it could be pests' favorite place if it will not be properly cleaned and maintained. This will cover the cabinets and drawers on kitchen and bathroom areas.

Washing of Walls

wash and remove stains on walls. Deep and hard stains may not be completely removed, and there may be walls that needs to be repainted in order to achieve a looking new walls

Cleaning Washing Machine + Dryer

Appliances that we are using to clean our clothes should also be cleaned regularly. Dirt may have settled on some parts of it, and it could affect its working condition. Minneapolis Cleaning Services Company is an expert in keeping these appliances in its best working condition by making sure that it is thoroughly clean.

Cleaning Inside Closets

We will clean closet floors, walls, surfaces and shelves. your clothes' storage also needs cleaning every once in a while to prevent bad smell, and of course for the proper maintenance of the fixture

Cleaning of Blinds

Blinds is a perfect place for dirt and dust, as well as cobwebs. We will dust and wet wipe the blinds to remove dirt and dusts. We do not recommend washing it, to lessen the risk of breakage as well.

Hand Washing of Dishes

If you have cookwares and kitchenware that you cannot clean, a professional is here to help you. You can request it to be done by your maid, and we will make sure that you will come home to a clear, spotless and tidy kitchen.

Heavy Duty Cleaning

This is an extra service that can be added to the service order if deep cleaning services is not enough to clean the house. This is the toughest and most detailed type of cleaning. This is usually advised for post construction cleaning, or for houses that really needs special attention and effort in cleaning.

Garage Cleaning

Most people want to keep their garage clean and tidy, and most of the time it is not part of the standard cleaning services, or the deep cleaning services. Well, do not worry because now you can request for it, and our professional cleaner will take care of it for you.

Cleaning of Baseboards

Baseboards is one part of house that is very prone to dirt and stain. If you want to keep it looking good, it would be best to have it washed regularly to prevent stains to stay permanently on the board.

Service Benefits

As a local business we will always be willing to provide personal assistance and excellent response time to our costumers questions or requirements

  • Excellent response for our customer.
  • Professional team work
  • Provide quality Cleaning.
  • Flexible and Cost-Effective
  • Punctuality on every service
  • Quality service
  • Quality products
  • Efficiency
  • Affordable costs

Classic Services

& Living Spaces

  • • Clean Glass Table Tops
  • • Dust Furniture & Decorations
  • • Make Beds & Change Bed Linens
  • • And more...


  • • Heavy Duty Scrubbing of Sinks
  • • Wipe Down Exterior of Bathroom Cabinets
  • • Heavy Duty Scrubbing of Toilets
  • • And more...


  • • Clean Inside Microwave
  • • Swiffer and Vacuum Kitchen Floors
  • • Heavy Duty Scrubbing of Sink
  • • And more...


  • • Cobweb Removal
  • • Clean Stove Top & Stove Fan
  • • Clean Microwave
  • • And more...

& Tub Spaces

  • • Clean Countertops
  • • Scrub & Clean Toilets
  • • Scrub & Clean Tubs
  • • And more...